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  Welcome to George H. Hewell and Son Funeral Homes. We have offered funeral, cremation and memorial services to families in Jacksonville and other areas since 1934. Whether you are considering a traditional funeral, a memorial service, graveside or cremation alternatives, we offer experienced, superior service from our licensed funeral directors and staff.

It is Hewell Funeral Home's attention to detail that sets us apart. Whether a family's choice is for burial or for cremation, each family's time of need presents us with only one opportunity to do things right.

At its simplest level, the family (or the individual who is pre-planning) has one basic decision to make: either burial or cremation. Once that is decided, all of the funeral home's services are available in either case. For example, some families may not realize that a decision to cremate can still involve an evening's visitation for family and friends, and also a funeral with the body present or not present. Of course the option for a direct cremation is always an economical alternative. Thus, families are wise to remember that all the traditional methods of saying farewell are still available with cremation as well as burial. We can guide families or individuals who are pre-planning through these alternatives. However, we also remember that each family is different and different families will say goodbye in different ways.

Through the years we have been the funeral home of choice for many families in northeast Florida. We appreciate their confidence in us and their trust in the Hewell name. Every burial and every cremation is an opportunity for us to earn the trust of another family. It's a responsibility we take very seriously at Hewell and Son.

A Word About "Family"...

George H. Hewell and Son Funeral Homes has maintained its family-owned and operated status throughout the 1970s, '80s and '90s era of conglomerate buyouts. The "mom and pop" ownership and management of Hewell & Son have been retained, in fact, with history repeating itself. For many years, George Hewell Sr. called on his wife, Mrs. Anne Hewell, to serve as an officer in the corporation and his helper in the business. She was vice president of Hewell & Son, and she also served as hairdresser and organist for both funeral home locations. Today, the wife of George Hewell II, Dr. Susan Hewell, is also a corporate officer. She is vice president/secretary, and she, too, is organist/pianist for the funerals. In fact, that's how Susan and George II met: Susan was an established musician in Jacksonville and was called to the funeral home to play for a funeral in 1995.
As they say, "The rest is history!"

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